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Welcome to All Volunteer - Public Access TV!

Community Television of Lane County


Public Access Channels 29 & 1088 on Xfinity/Comcast Cable,

serving Eugene-Springfield, Junction City and Lane County, Oregon



Studio & Office Location:  Behind Sheldon High School

2455 Willakenzie Road, Eugene, OR 97401 - Door #15 - between KRVM Radio & the Tennis Courts

Find us at the above address by taking the school driveway directly across the street from the

entrance to the Market of Choice.  Keep to the right and follow it around

to the rear of the school, through the parking lot to the end. 

We are located on the driveway to the tennis courts around

the corner from the KRVM Radio Station at Door #15 (see above).

Phone:  541-790-6616  or  541-790-6617

U.S. Mail us at:  1430 Willamette St., #321, Eugene, OR 97401

For other info please Email us at:  info@CTV29.org

For current Schedules.


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