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Community Television of Lane County

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Studio & Offices: Behind Sheldon High School, Door 15 between KRVM & the Tennis Courts
Open Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Phone: 541-790-6616 & 541-790-6617

E-mail us: info@CTV29.org - Mail us at: 1430 Willamette St., #321, Eugene, OR 97401

3D Computer Animation Class (April 2015)

After speaking with a few folks who have a need for 3D animation in their film and video projects, I have decided to again offer an animation class. CTV-29 has five USB dongles for LightWave 3D. The software can be loaded onto a Mac or Windows PC, but it requires the dongle to be inserted to run. You can sign out a dongle to work at home.

The class will meet once a week for three hours, 12 times, at the CTV-29 studio at Sheldon High School. During each class, I will demonstrate some aspect of the software and will then help students with their projects. I expect students to spend 10 hours (preferably more) per week working on their assignments. If you get stuck, you can call or email me. After finishing all the assignments, you should be able to complete most animation projects on your own. Should you wish to enter the field of animation, you would then need to complete a few more short projects of your own design and scripting for your "demo reel."

Why LightWave? Pixar and PDI/DreamWorks occupy the top tier of animation. LightWave and Maya occupy the second tier. These four programs are capable of rendering any visual effect you have seen on film. Other animation products are quite capable, but their render engines are not as powerful. TV shows created using LightWave have earned more Emmys than any other software. LightWave has been used on hundreds of major motion pictures.

This class was originally organized around six projects that guide users through all stages of animation (modeling, rigging, layout/animation, lighting, surfacing and rendering). The first four projects use only �rigid� models. The fifth project is to model, rig and animate a human head. An �organic� model is designed to deform. The sixth project adds a body and animates it. While students can choose the original six projects, I will modify the class for folks who only wish to master rigid objects. This gives time for projects using LightWave�s keying and compositing capabilities, to build Live Sets (fake 3D rooms in which to shoot a television program using a green/blue-screen chroma-key) or to explore other capabilities.

The fee for the class is $120. There is a $100 deposit for the dongle. Membership in CTV29 is required ($10 for Jan-Dec. You can sign up when registering for the class).

The weekly meeting for the class will be set after finding a time when all participants can attend. For more information, call Joe Tyndall at 541-359-2593 or email to joe@earsi.com.

CTV29 Video Production Training Classes

Comunity Television offers training classes in Studio Production, Field Production and Digital Video Editing
Training Classes are held by arrangement with the Instructor
and are $60 per Class, which is usually held in several sessions
Please contact the Instructor to arrange classtimes and other details

CTV29 Membership ($10 a year) is needed to take one or more classses
and also allows Member to use CTV29 Equioment & Facilities
and play programs on Channel 29

Studio Production

Instructor: Joe Tyndall, 541-359-2593, joe@earsi.com
The Studio Production Class is usually offered in two four-hour sessions over one or two weekends.
Click here for Class Syllabus

Field Production

Instructor: Larry Dobberstein, 541-683-1634, larryd@efn.org
Click here for Class Syllabus

Digital Video Editing

Final Cut PRO X on the Mac
Instructor: Larry Dobberstein, 541-683-1634, larryd@efn.org

Join for $10 a year or make a tax-deductible donation! Use Your Credit Card or PayPal Account!!

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