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Please be aware that anyone volunteering and accessing school property

are required to have a background check on record with 4J Schools. 

You may apply for a Background Check  HERE

(This includes any members of CTV who are accessing our facility at Sheldon High School.)

!  ALSO - Because of the COVID 19 Pandemic the State of Oregon Mandate

for 4J school volunteers or CTV Members is that masks are required and you must

submit your Vaccination Card and the COVID Waiver Form HERE to be on

School Grounds and in the CTV station facility and studio.

Download Volunteer Assumption Risk Waiver Liability - Fillable-09.30.21



Community Television will hold its General Meeting and Board Election on February 27th. 

We will conduct the voting process in the studio at our CTV facility at 1pm on Sunday - February 27, 2022.

Directions to the facility HERE.

We have sent out a Group Email notifying Members.  If you have not received this email contact us at: info@CTV29.org

We will also be mailing out ballot envelopes with this information included soon.

If you reply to the email, "I wish to renew", annual dues are $12.  YOU MUST BE A MEMBER TO VOTE.

Go to Memberships to use PayPal or Credit Card, or send a check to CTV, 1430 Willamette St. #321, Eugene, OR 97401.

You may also pay dues on the day of the meeting if you attend. 

If you reply, "I will not renew", we will remove you from our membership list.

The Feb 27th Meeting Announcement and Ballot will be mailed by US Mail to all (paid) members.

A member can run for the CTV Board by adding "I wish to run" to your reply.*


*  Member Statements to run for Candidate Positions on the CTV Board of Directors

must be received for posting not later than:  February 7, 2022

A background check, a Vaccination Card, and a completed COVID Waiver form on record with 4J Schools is required to attend the meeting. 

(Refer to above Requirement Statement.)

Finally, if you have a new address, or other contact information to update, please include it in your reply,

or fill out and submit a membership application on the Memberships page. 

The CTV Election Committee

You must be a paid member if you wish to vote in the election process.

Dues/Membership are $12.00 Per year and were payable on January 1, 2022 for all members.


Please go to the  Memberships  page to pay your dues.  

You may also pay your dues on the day of voting at the CTV station if you attend.


Also, it is your responsibility as a Member of CTV to Update your Contact Information

so we may send out ballots for voting by mail.   

  (If you plan to attend the meeting please be aware of the above Member/Volunteer

Background Check/COVID information/requirements for being on school grounds.)


(You must be a Resident of Lane County, Oregon to become a member.)




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Welcome to All Volunteer - Public Access TV!

Community Television of Lane County


STUDIO & OFFICE LOCATION:  Behind Sheldon High School

2455 Willakenzie Road, Eugene, OR 97401 - Door #15 - between KRVM Radio & the Tennis Courts

Click here for Detailed Directions to the CTV Station/Studio/Office

Phone:  541-790-6616  or  541-790-6617

Our Mailing Address for correspondence is:  1430 Willamette St., #321, Eugene, OR 97401

For other info please Email us at:  info@CTV29.org


  Latest Update For CTV29 Producers, Members, Friends & Supporters: 

We have opened up CTV's facilities for member use.

Our new hours of operation are:

  Tuesday:  4-8 PM        Wednesday:  4-6 PM        Thursday:  4-6 PM (4-8PM If Studio Reserved)  

We now have an "On-Line" Link to reserve Studio time HERE.

 For More Info:

Call the:    Office:  (541) 790-6616   or   John Duran:  (650) 740-1355  or   Email:   info@CTV29.org

  Producers can mail in new shows on a DVD or Flash Drive 

 (include an SASE Envelope for return) to CTV29: 

 1430 Willamette St., #321, Eugene, OR 97401 

 You may also drop off programs or other media at the above address to our "Drop Box" inside the Eugene Mail Box center,

 or, send them to us via the Internet (for details Email us at:  info@CTV29.org). 


We continue to broadcast 24/7 on Xfinity/Comcast Cable Channels 29 and 1088. 

We are an all-volunteer station and this will be the easiest way to coordinate as close to normal operations as we can. 

Let's all stay healthy and active within our community!


 For current schedules see Schedules & other info please e-mail us: info@CTV29.org


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