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WE NEED INFORMATION!  NOW IS THE TIME, if you are a Producer, to contact us about how to continue transferring your new programs to us so

we can get them on the air.  We also need any descriptive summaries or blurbs of your programs that you may have submitted already, and to

touch base about continuing the Day and Time slots you may have had in the scheduling.  We do not have this information available and are

sorely in need of it for our programming.  If you have available any CTV resources such as previous scheduling or descriptions of programs from

your files, or from our website you may have kept, we can use those as well.

We also welcome help from anyone having such information that they could provide.  And, we need our members and producers to update

their contact information.  We have large gaps in our info right now and need this information in order to contact and communicate with you when

needed.  Please send us current updated information.  Name, address, phone number, and email is especially critically needed. 

What program you produce or may have produced in the past would be helpful as well.

Please Email us at info@CTV29.org.  We thank you for your patience and understanding while we try to reorganize our operating resources.



       Starting Monday, April 5, 2021 Sheldon High classes will resume and here's what we,
       at CTV as a group, need to do:

  1. The school requests (and please read that as a military request...) that if we need to be in the building, or school grounds when students, teachers, or other school personnel are present we need to wear a face-mask at all times while we are there.  (NO ARGUMENTS, EXCUSES, OR EXCEPTIONS)

  2. They also have a Sign-In/Sign-Out register clipboard at both doors inside the building we share with them (Inside Door #15) by the security keypad in order to monitor who enters and exits the building in order to track any outbreaks of the Covid-19 Virus - should that occur.  Please follow their protocol.

  3. We will also need to go back to our normal times of operations and use of the station for staff, producers, and members which will be after 4 PM in the afternoon (during weekdays) when students are no longer present in the building.

 This shouldn't be a problem as school classes usually end at 1 PM.  Please be a good neighbor since we share close space

with teachers, students, and other school personnel.  Help keep them, and us, safe.


E-mail us:  info@CTV29.org - Mail us at: 1430 Willamette St., #321, Eugene, OR 97401

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