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(To be held November 20, 2021- Candidates must submit statements by October 20, 2021 )




Rick Gates is a local filmmaker who believes strongly in raising the level of community involvement in the media arts, particularly in the areas of cinema, documentaries and television. Rick began his involvement in filmmaking in 2011 when he was the president of City Club of Eugene.  He began his career by providing free video services to non profits such as Hospice and Lane Arts Council.  In 2019 he partnered with Mike Schwab to launch 2 Facebook groups,  Lane County Filmmakers and Lane County Film Actors.  He is also the executive producer of Scene In Eugene, an anthology of locally produced and directed short films.



My name is Daniel Martinez and I am a relatively new member of the CTV family. I was introduced to CTV by Mike Schwab and when I heard what it was all about it was very excited to be a part of it. For several years I had been a freelance videographer making video’s for many businesses’  landing pages and social media. I also spent my time coming up in the video world like many, shooting real estate and weddings, which was a fun way to make income and learn the craft.

Over the last couple of years I have been focused mainly on narrative film making and have a passion for film and the technical side of film making such as pre, and post production, which is why I was so excited to learn about and get involved with CTV. I think that it’s a great program and has the potential to be an amazing tool for the young people in Lane County to get involved with and learn some great transferable skills. In addition, it can be a fantastic creative outlet for young people that have not yet found a way to express themselves.

All of that is the reason why I would love to put my name in the hat for a board seat at CTV29. Not only do I bring several years of experience behind the camera, but I have also worked in finance for the last decade and have  a Masters Degree in Business (MBA). I will be a part of helping CVT reach a larger audience, and hopefully be a great influence to young film makers regardless, but I would love to do that while sitting on the board.



My name is Mike Schwab, and I would like to remain as a Board Member with the Community TV Station of Lane County. I am presently a Board Member and want to continue my efforts to maintain the success of CTV, and I would like to continue to help it grow and improve.

I have been a member of CTV for nearly ten years. During that time, I have produced several shows. Many of these shows were episodes of a comedic news show called "The Eugene News Network." More recently, I have produced shows for a travel and educational show called "Good Times Great Places." I am also working on an edutainment show called "Hey! Learn This!"

As a Board Member, I have put forth a great amount of effort to maintain the success of CTV by assisting with  programming every week. In addition, I have helped to improve the station by creating a YouTube channel, a Facebook page, and a Facebook group for members. I have reached out to many local content creators to let them know about CTV, and I have recruited many new members. 

I'm passionate about helping CTV, because I think it's an excellent resource for local content creators. It's highly satisfying to see the progress we've made.

I believe CTV has a ton of potential to be an amazing resource for Lane County. It can definitely build a great community, and it can bring more awareness of the many excellent local artistic events and projects. Please re-elect me, so that I can continue assisting CTV in its efforts to do great things for Lane County artists and residents.


Dan Koozer

I have been the Executive Producer of Eugene Cannabis TV, the longest running TV show produced & showing on CTV29 since 2000. I have been on the CTV29 board a couple of times & on the advisory board when not on the board itself.

I have been a Studio Operator for 5 or 6 years in our effort to keep it open so our members & ‘want to be’ members can get the help & equipment they need. My day was Wednesday for several years & now I’m there on Thursdays 4:00p-6:00p.

I’m running for the board because my goal is to pitch in wherever I can to make our TV network the best as we can.




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