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(To be held February 27, 2022 - Candidates must submit statements by February 7, 2022 )


To: CTV Membership

From: The Election Committee Date: 10-Feb-2022

Subject: General Meeting and Board Election

CTV will hold its General Meeting and Board Election on Sunday, February 27th at 1:00 pm in the CTV Studio. The studio is the most northwest door (#15) on the Sheldon High School campus (2455 Willakenzie Rd) and is immediately behind the KRVM radio station nearly to the tennis courts. For those not able to attend in person, a Zoom meeting link and reminder of the meeting will be emailed to all members on the Saturday before.

Because of restrictions imposed by the 4J School District, you cannot come onto the school campus without 1) a mask, 2) a background check and 3) a covid vaccination certificate on file with 4J. These requirements must be completed (and reviewed by the school) prior to the meeting. Instructions for fulfilling these requirements are on the CTV website (ctv29.org).

And now a greeting from Leo Rivers, CTV president

The annual election is a time to say thanks to those that have completed their terms on the CTV29 Board. They have made their valuable time available unselfishly to serving the Lane County community. A new team of leaders will begin contributing their vision and expertise with the casting of your ballot.

Please complete and return your ballot.  Included with this announcement is a ballot, statements by the candidates for the board and a self-addressed stamped envelope. The candidate statements, with candidate contact information should you wish to communicate directly, are also available at ctv29.org.

You may vote in person at the general meeting; however, we prefer that you fill out the ballot, place it in the stamped preaddressed return envelope and mail it early enough before the election for it to be delivered. Late ballots and ballots without a return address will not be counted. The ballots will be separated from their return envelopes on the day of the election and your votes will remain anonymous.

Thank you for your support of Community Television, again please fill out and return your ballot and we hope to see you at the February 27th meeting or on the corresponding Zoom call.



I have been the Executive Producer of Eugene Cannabis TV, the longest running TV show produced & showing on CTV29 since 2000. I have been on the CTV29 board a couple of times & on the advisory board.

I have been a political activist for the last 20 years and have co-founded 4 all-volunteer organizations & one annual event.

I have been a Studio Operator for 5 or 6 years in our effort to keep it open so our members & ‘want to be’ members can get the help & equipment they need. My day was Wednesday for several years & now I’m there on Thursdays 4:00p-6:00p.

I’m running for the board because my goal is to pitch in wherever I can to make our Community TV network the best as we can. I am a local resident & live approximately 10 miles from the studio.


After earning my MDiv from Union Theological Seminary in NYC, I decided to take the training to be certified for video and television production at Chicago Public Access Television. That was one of the best decisions I made in my 20+ year career as a minister, writer, public speaker, political activist, non-profit founder, and yes, a television/video producer/director. While in Chicago, I produced television/video programs aired through CAN TV (see sample link below). This is where I gained the knowledge and experience that I bring to CTV.

I am a leader. I lead people to higher ground. I am a teacher. I teach how to connect as humans. I am a healer. My healing spirit guides all that I do.

- In Gratitude, In Peace, In Respect – DeL


Since Fall 2006, I have volunteered (for free) more than 5,000 hours of electrical engineering and other services to CTV, have written grants to acquire $100,000 of equipment, have done the work to convert from broadcasting off VHS tape to a fully digital, high-definition signal path, have taught over 50 studio production classes, have been on the CTV board for 13 years, have produced and aired well over 500 hours of programs, have programmed the broadcast head- end, and so on. CTV's local content and public access remain an essential public interest function for the greater Eugene-Springfield area.


Since the early days of CTV, I have produced content to air on the channel. However, in my advancing years, I have been less active volunteering at the station as I once was. My main concern is that CTV continue to provide unencumbered public access for locally produced content. By this, I mean that CTV has always been and should continue to be a free speech platform. I am troubled by recent moves to censor content and to exclude people based on political or other beliefs. The only way for good ideas to emerge is through conversation where bad ideas are challenged. If you don't agree with an "official" story, CTV is the place to come to deliver a counterargument. Throughout history, robust exchange has paved our path to a better life. Thank you for your vote.


I have been associated with CTV for over 14 years. For more than 10 years, I have served on the CTV Board as Treasurer. My family has made an $1,100 cash donation to CTV. My training as an attorney and accountant has been used by CTV. I have also offered useful advice that has helped both solve and avoid problems.

I support CTV’s policy of functioning as an "open platform" that is welcoming to all and doesn’t censor. As a practical financial matter, CTV can’t afford to censor. By engaging in any censoring, we lose our legal "safe harbor" that protects us from lawsuits because we are only a platform that delivers content. We can’t afford even the costs of litigation.

If re-elected, I will strive to work constructively with all board members and to look for opportunities for us to get together where we can build better relationships.


Time, circumstance, and a great sense of stewardship has given me a clear path to volunteering for the Board of Directors at CTV. I have been involved with CTV for over two decades. I have also been serving on the Advisory board for over a decade.

For this Election, I am seeking a two-year position, with the power of one vote, One Voice.

I have lots of skills & experience as an educator, sole proprietor, and Executive Director of a private 501(c)(3) years ago. I learn how things work, what it takes to be effective, and ask for help when needed. I work well with others, have a sense of humor, and love my community. In the spirit of being a working Board member, beyond Governance, I will be learning the programming process. I will host as a Studio Operator on Wednesday nights.

I would love to have your vote!


I have been involved with CTVLC for nearly 14 years, primarily working on Eugene Cannabis TV. I’ve been helping out here and there with programming, training, and technical work. I would like to give a bit more to CTVLC now when member involvement is needed. If elected to a Board position I will do my best to help move the organization into the future.


2022 Community Television Board of Directors Ballot

In Fall 2020, in response to the covid lockdown, CTV postponed its general meeting and board election. Normally, given three 2-year board seats, members would vote for either five or six candidates each year. However, this time, all seven seats are up for election.

One-Year Seats - mark up to FOUR candidates





Two-Year Seats - mark up to THREE candidates





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