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Welcome to All Volunteer - Public Access TV!

Community Television of Lane County


STUDIO & OFFICE LOCATION:  Behind Sheldon High School

2455 Willakenzie Road, Eugene, OR 97401 - Door #15 - between KRVM Radio & the Tennis Courts


(You Must be a Residemt of Lane County, Oregon)




NOW IS THE TIME, if you are a Producer, to contact us about how to continue transferring your new programs to us

so we can get them on the air.  We also need any descriptive summaries or blurbs of your programs that you may

have submitted already, and to touch base about continuing the Day and Time slots you may have had in

the scheduling.  We do not have this information available and are sorely in need of it for our programming. 


 If you have available any CTV resources such as previous scheduling or descriptions of programs

from your files or from our website you may have kept, we can use those as well.   


We also welcome help from anyone having such information that they could provide. 

Please Email us.  We thank you for your patience and understanding.



 Open By Appointment Only (At This Time) Until Further Notice

Latest Update For CTV29 Producers, Members, Friends & Supporters:
Community Television's Studio and Office are closed for regular hours due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
However, we are open to help producers, members, friends, and supporters by appointment.

Call the Office:  (541) 790-6616 - or - John Duran:  (650) 740-1355 - or - Email:  info@CTV29.org


 Producers can send in new shows on a Flash Drive (include an SASE Envelope for FD return) and mail to:

1430 Willamette St., #321, Eugene, OR 97401

- OR - send them to us via the Internet.  For details Email us at:  info@CTV29.org


We continue to broadcast 24/7 on Xfinity/Comcast Cable Channels 29 and 1088. 

We are an all-volunteer station and this will be the easiest way to coordinate as close to normal operations as we can. 

Let's all stay healthy and active in community!


For current schedules see Schedules & other info please e-mail us: info@CTV29.org


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